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Frontier 6x6 Scout 

$14,999.00 plus freight & local tax

This machine is out of stock

more on the way

 2021 850 SX Responder

$27,599.00 Plus freight and local taxes

2020 Frontier Scout


 2021 Huntmaster 950

$28,999.00 Plus freight from Canada and local taxes

2021 850 8x8 SX

$25,499.00 plus  freight and local tax

2021 850 SX 8x8 Huntmaster

$27,499.00 Plus freight form Canada and local taxes

Currently out of stock, More on the way

2021 6x6 600 $10,599.00 plus freight and local tax

 This machine is currently on sale for $8,999.00 plus freight and local tax!!!!

700 6x6 Argo


This is a 2021 Argo 700 6x6 with heavy duty bearing extension housings, full skid plate, Bilge pump and reversible rims

$12,999.00 Plus freight & state taxs 

2020 Mudd Trax

Factory Demo

2020 Mudd Trax Factory Demo. This vehicle is very well equipped with 8500 Lb winch assy, Brush Guard, Full Skid plate, Draw bar, full cab, cab heat, interior lighting, outside lighting package. Machine is operated by a simple Joy stick.

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8x8 Amphibious commercial trailer

This is a 2021 Amphibious 8x8 commercial trailer and designed to carry a good payload of 1400 lbs, with 25x12x 9 tire and rims

$3,999.00 plus freight & state taxes

4 wheel amphibious trailer

4 wheel amphibious trailer 

this trailer has a load capacity of 600 lbs  and equipped with 25x12x9 tire and rims. This is the lower body molding of the 6x6 Argo using same axles and frame.

$1,999.00 plus freight and taxes

SOLD more on the way

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