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2021Frontier 700
2021-05-21 13.33.00.jpg
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This is a pre owned Frontier 6x6 23 HP EFI 
This machine was purchased in hopes that the owner would be able to operate the machine. Due to physical limitations was unable to get in and out of the machine. This machine is normally $12,999.00 plus $650.00 freight and state taxes. 

2017 Avenger


2020-12-18 12.52.51.jpg
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2020-12-18 12.52.39.jpg
2020-12-18 12.53.09.jpg

2017 Avenger HDi 8x8 SOLD

This is a very nice Avenger that has recently been completely serviced. This machine is equipped with a high torque Admiral steering transmission, 3500 lb warn winch, brush guard, brake cooling system, fold down windshield and aluminum bead lock rims. This machine has never been registered and carries a 2 year warranty. Track system NOT included with this vehicle. New track systems available if needed at an extra charge. Machine is priced to sell at $16,000.00. call our office at 704 279 5736 for more information.


2017 Avenger LX
2020-07-30 09.56.56.jpg
2020-07-30 09.56.44.jpg
2020-07-30 09.57.08.jpg
2020-07-30 09.57.29.jpg

This is a factory 2017 Avenger LX used as a demo unit. This machine is very well equipped with 3500Lb warn winch, Brush guard, Bilge pump, Rear bench seat, Fold down windshield, convertible top, custom dash with Alpine stereo system and custom aluminum reversible rims. This machine has 81 hours of run time.

Machine priced at $14,900.00

This machine will have a one year warranty.



 Conquest outfitter This machine has been SOLD

2020-04-24 13.48.04.jpg
2020-04-24 13.49.24.jpg
2020-04-24 13.49.40.jpg
2020-04-24 13.49.10.jpg

This is a 2020 Argo Conquest Outfitter. Very well equipped to take your customers out on the Hunt. This machine has the 30 HP fuel injected liquid cooled Kohler engine along with the Admiral steering transmission. It also has a 4500 LB warn winch assy, brush guard, hood rack, trailer hitch, rear winch receiver kit, dual bilge pumps, bead lock reversible rims, analog gages and seating for 6 adults. contact our office for other details. This is the only unit presently available on the east coast. Contact us at 704-279-5736

This machine has been SOLD

2017 Factory Demo

Frontier ST 


2020-07-30 14.53.18.jpg
2020-07-30 14.53.30.jpg
2020-07-30 14.53.42.jpg
2020-07-30 14.53.08.jpg

This is a 2017 Frontier ST and was a factory demo unit for research and development. This is considered a 750 HDi and is equipped with a 23 HP fuel injected Kohler engine, 3500 lb warn winch assy., Brush guard, Bilge pump and custom reversible aluminum rims with 25 x12 x 9 tires. This unit is also equipped with and Admiral steering transmission. This machine is priced at $9,750.00 and has a 1 year warranty.


Factory new 2019 Frontier This machine has been


2019-12-31 14.44.19.jpg
2019-12-31 14.44.43.jpg
2019-12-31 14.44.32.jpg
2019-12-27 10.23.48.jpg

This is a Factory new 2019 Frontier 8x8 Scout.

This machine is equipped with a Warn 3500 LB winch assy., Brush grard, Bilge pump, Hood rack, 25X12X9 tire and wheel assys., 26 Hp Kohler fuel injected engine, classic transmission and brake tail light system. This machine sells for $19,499.00 Plus $950.00 Freight from Canada.

This machine is on sale for $16,999.00 and no freight from Canada. Call our office for details.


This machine has been